Democratic Primary
June 23rd

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Your Absentee Ballot Application must be postmarked by JUNE 16TH to the Board of Elections

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Your Absentee Ballot Vote must be postmarked by JUNE 23


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         Early Voting 

  June 13th - June 21st

For Nassau and Suffolk Counties

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June 23rd

Webinar on Thursday, May 28 with  Business Leaders
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Please do not forget to vote for Patricia Maher in the Democratic Primary on June 23, 2020

Mount Rushmore

Patricia Maher

I am a Democrat, political activist, graduate of the Touro Law Center in Central Islip with a J.D. and daughter of a single working mother, a Cadet Navy Nurse from WW II. Born and raised on Long Island, my parents were divorced when I was younger and I watched my mother work a day job and then travel to New York City to earn her Doctorate at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. I am running for Congress to change the system that exists in Washington D.C. We need real women in Congress, not political party operatives. I am doing research on the Coronavirus in the LLM program in Healthcare and Public Policy at Hofstra University Law School.


Pat's Videos

Patricia Maher
TV Interview

We discuss local politics with Congressional Candidate Patricia Maher as she runs for election in New York's 2nd District.

Flatten the Flat Earth Day Party on Columbus Day 

Flatten the Flat Earth Day Party on Columbus Day at Jacques Rosas Studio

Hurricane Sandy Relief

Patricia Maher talks about her support for fair pay equity and the fight to cut the red tape on Hurricane Sandy relief.


"I'm here to help bring this economy back. I want to put money into the infrastructure, I want to preserve Social Security and Medicare, I'm going to make sure that Main Street stays as Main Street and we get our businesses back, and I'm going to beat Peter King."
-Patricia Maher. ​​​​​​​

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

We're In This Together!

Chris Cuomo

This is important to know how dangerous this virus is so when someone doesn't wear a mask and says let's just open up and get going, think first.

Coronavirus Briefing

Thank you Governor Cuomo for your smart sense leadership.